Adam Williams has played a pivotal role in the formation of several of the most important private collections of Old Master Paintings in North America. The gallery has the experience in the market, the knowledge of conservation and the relationships in accademia required to build a cohesive collection of Old Master Paintings. We aspire to share our passion for Old Master Paintings, and the intellectual and emotional rewards that accompany forming a collection.


The gallery handles consignments from collectors, institutions, private individuals and family trusts on a regular basis. Adam Williams Fine Art has achieved great results for consignors in the past, through careful consideration of the best presentation of the artwork and its target market.


Adam Williams Fine Art has been consulted/contracted with by Institutions and collectors to act as their agent in purchasing works at auction or navigating conservation projects. The gallery can provide advice in viewing and purchasing from auctions sales or art fairs, as well as advising trusts or inheritors on the best path forward to selling their paintings.