French School

Jean-Baptiste Pater (Valenciennes, 1695 - 1736) Concert Champêtre
Alexander Roslin (1718 - Paris, 1793) Madame Henriette Agathe Rose Foäche (born de Mondion,1754-1812)
Etienne Aubry (Versailles, 1746 - 1781) 'La Turque', presumed portrait of Mademoiselle Duthé (1748-1830), mistress of the Comte d'Artois, full-length, reclining on an 'ottomane'
Alexandre-François Desportes The Stag Hunt
Édouard Bisson (1856 - 1939) An Elegant Woman by the Sea
NICOLAS POUSSIN “An Arcadian Landscape with stories from the legends of Pan and Bacchus”
Sebastian Stoskopff (1597 - Idstein, 1657) "A flagon of wine, a wine glass, a loaf of bread and knife and pies on a pewter plate."