French School

Alexandre-François Desportes The Stag Hunt
Isaak Soreau (1604 - 1644) Still Life of a Wicker Basket of Fruit on a Wooden Table
De Dreux The Race
Hubert Robert A Woman Fishing and Other Figures by Roman Ruins; Women Drawing Water from a Basin while a Man Contemplates a Classical Statue
Édouard Bisson (1856 - 1939) An Elegant Woman by the Sea
Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725 - Paris, 1805) The Last Breath of Innocence
NICOLAS POUSSIN “An Arcadian Landscape with stories from the legends of Pan and Bacchus”
Sebastian Stoskopff (1597 - Idstein, 1657) "A flagon of wine, a wine glass, a loaf of bread and knife and pies on a pewter plate."